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Fundchem product plays a major role in daily application. You can find us in construction, electronics, furniture, appliances, automobiles, airplanes, boats, textile and wire & cable etc.

Insulation Construction

FUNDCHEM FRmaster-75 series specially are used for Insulation materials Expandable polystyrene(EPS) board and Extruded polysterene(XPS)board with high cost performance.

Electrical & Electronics

From Consumer Products to automotive electronics to electrical components, FUNDCHEM offers a wide variety of plastic additives to meet the needs of industry

Electrical Connector

The electrical components found in all electrical and electronics devices/equipment/systems are primarily responsible for regulating electric currents and voltages. FUNCHEM additives maintain all the electrical components fire safety running.

Printed Circuit Boards

FUNDCHEM FRmaster DOPO and DOPO-BQ as a kind of environmental friendly flame retardant offers Permanent flame retardant effective for Printed Circuited Boards(PCB) epoxy resin instead of Tetrabromo Bisphenol A. And BPCy series

Automotive components

Plastics are used in a variety of automotive under the hood applications. Examples include engine covers, fans, transmission covers, air intake manifolds, engine control units, radiator inlets and outlets and HVAC systems. FUNDCHEM plastic additives allow manufacturers the flexibility need to meet the strict performance standards demanded by the automotive OEM's.

Wire & Cable

PVC, Polyolefins, EPDM and Fluoropolymers are all used as base materials in the construction of wire and cable. Polyolefins are used both in the insulation and the jacketing, PVC, EPDM and fluoropolymers tend to be used more in the jacketing. Key properties required of polymers used in wire and cable are excellent long term aging , good abrasion resistance , cold temperature flexibility, resistance to arc tacking and fire retardancy. Wire and cable is generally produced via extrusion and co extrusion processes. FUNDCHEM’s additives offers perfect fire-resistance and stable anti-aging effect.


Key textile polymers are nylon, PET and PP fibers. FUNDCHEM flame retardant offers best effect in these textile application.

Rubber products

FUNDCHEM FUNDILIZER 565 and 3052 provide a high light and heat stability to the rubber, elastomer, and having a very good compatibility with elastomers.

Aerospace Material

FUNDCHEM offers high temperature resin and modification materials for Aerospace field.

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